New Singapore 5-digit shortcode registration

To be in line with IMDA regulatory recommendations, please be informed of the changes to registration for new Singapore 5-digit shortcodes.

  1. Only 5-digit short codes starting with 7 can be registered.
  2. The short code will need to be unique to the user organisation.
  3. The short code will need to be allocated to the user organisation on an exclusive basis.
  4. The short code is always provisioned for both Inbound and Outbound SMS usage (even if only 1-way SMS is required).
  5. The user organisation will need to register the shortcode directly with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry system (SSIR) and submit supporting document(s), showing that the short code was issued by all the Mobile Network Operators in Singapore to the SMS Participating Aggregator (PA) that the user organisation is working with.

The use of our Singapore shared shortcode services will be discontinued. If you require 2-way SMS functionality, you can purchase a dedicated long-code number or short-code number.





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