SafeMode parameter option and support for special characters

1) For our "Type=A" parameter option, all characters in the GSM character set ( are supported except for the Euro currency symbol (which is not supported by M1)
The GSM alphabet has some characters that takes up 2 character count  and this potentially can cause users to misjudge the SMS message length result in billing issues. Hence by default, we auto convert the characters [ ]  { }  into a safe single character alternative (round brackets) to avoid the above issues. The following characters are also dropped by default:  | ^ ~\ 

You can use the  parameter 'SafeMode=false' to disable this behaviour but you will have to manage your message length manually to avoid exceeding what you had intended to send.

2) All UTF-8 character are supported when you use our "Type=U" parameter option in your request, but note that that message count for 1 message is 70 characters instead of 160. (for single part messages)


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