Uploading contacts with custom fields

Our Contacts manager allows the uploading of contact details with up to 2 custom fields.

The steps to upload a contact list with custom fields are as follows,

1) Go to Contact page (

2) Click Add Group & Upload Contacts to create the contact group first
Please do not use the “Advance Contacts Upload” link to upload contacts with custom fields.

3) Name your group at this page and upload your recipient file (.CSV) using this file format (sample file below).

    98888888,"Ms Lily",,1000,01/01/2015
    91234567,"Mr Joe",,1000,01/01/2015
    87654321,"Mr Chris",,1000,01/01/2015

The fields should correspond to the contact mobile number, name, email address, custom field 1, and custom field 2.


Once the group is created and contacts imported, you’ll can view the group details and verify the contacts have been added.

Click on “Edit” for any contacts to view that the custom fields have been added correctly.


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