Using Placeholder tags to personalize messages

Our Campaign feature allows the use of placeholders to personalize your messages.

The accepted placeholders are

Simply use the placeholder tags #CONTACTNAME# ,  #PLACEHOLDER1# and #PLACEHOLDER2# where you wish the custom words to appear in your SMS message. 
(For messages in Chinese or other non-English languages, please include a space before and after the placeholder tags).

An example of the message to broadcast is as follows, 

"Dear #CONTACTNAME#, you have #PLACEHOLDER1# pre-paid SMS credits in your Cloud SMS account, #PLACEHOLDER2#. There is no expiry date for your Cloud SMS credits.”

Select the contacts or contact group you wish to send the broadcast campaign to. The name of each of your Contacts will automatically be replaced where the tag #CONTACTNAME# is found. For the next 2 placeholder variables, these are retrieved from the Custom1 and Custom2 fields of your contact details.

The placeholders use the contact details in your contact list, so you'll be required to contacts and groups in our contact manager.

For uploading contacts with custom fields, please refer to our related article (


Please be aware that the values replacing the placeholders will affect the character count in your SMS messages. Names or values that contain many characters may cause the message exceed the 160 character limit of a single SMS.



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