Set your keyword and URL to receive SMS

CommzGate Cloud API enables your server application to receive mobile messages. The CommzGate Cloud Service will post a HTTP request to the application and pass in argument values.

The server application must have a web-component that is able to receive a HTTP POST method call. The URL path of the application’s receiving component must be configured within your Cloud SMS account as the MO URL.

A short guide to get you started with MO URL.

1. Log in to your Cloud SMS account and go to Web API (

2. Select Manage MO Config

3. Select Edit to define the keyword and URL path of your server application’s receiving component

4. Select Update to save your new configuration.


Different MO URLs can be defined for each keywords.

Please note the following,

  • This feature is currently available for Postpaid Plan users in Singapore only.
  • The MO config page is for keywords to our SMS shortcodes only.
  • If you are using a dedicated 8-digit longcode or hosted SIM number, please contact us to set your MO URL. 



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