Start SMS Receive Campaigns with Auto-Response

You can use the Advanced tab to easily send & receive mass SMS.

Mobile users can send SMS messages to the system shortcode 73333 with a keyword and these messages will appear in your campaign report.


Select Start Receive to start receiving SMS messages from mobile users. You will be taken through a step-by-step pages to setup your Mobile Inbox Campaign.


1. Campaign Setup

Give your campaign a meaningful name so that the report of this Campaign can be easily referenced later.

You can click on Use Current Date to use the current date as the name for this Campaign.


2. Set a Keyword

To have your Mobile Inbox Campaign receive messages, mobile users must send in messages that begin with a keyword linked to your campaign.

Enter your chosen keyword here. This can be any word that relates to your campaign, brand name or event name.

Mobile users must SMS messages beginning with this keyword to 73333 for these messages to your campaign report.


3. Set an auto-response

Auto-responders have been highly effective in increasing response rates and enhancing branding.

For each message received by your Campaign, you can choose to have an auto-reply message sent back to the mobile user. The message must be less 160 characters or less.

You can leave this blank if no auto-reply is required. Each message sent will be charged at 1 SMS credit (for local SMS).


4. Set the Campaign Schedule

Mobile Inbox Campaigns require a defined end-date. Choose how long you require this Campaign will run by selecting the end-date here.

Start the broadcast immediately by clicking Start Campaign. Or select the link, further options, to launch the Campaign at a later date.


You can view and export the messages received from the campaign reports using the Reports tabs.


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