Send ad-hoc messages with QuickSend

Use QuickSend for rapid sending of ad-hoc messages to a targeted group of contacts. This is useful for sending time-sensitive updates, reminders, or highly personalized messages.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3 with QuickSend.


1. Simply type in your message

QuickSend supports up to 800 characters. The character and message counter helps you keep track of your message length.


2. Select your recipient contact numbers

You can choose to enter mobile numbers manually, by selecting from your Contacts, or by uploading a file containing your recipient list.

For entering mobile numbers manually, you can do this by typing or by cut & paste from another document containing the numbers. Each mobile number should be on its own line.


3. Click SEND!

Your message will be immediately queued for sending with a real-time progress status.


Additional options available with QuickSend include scheduled sending, using templates, and URL shorteners.


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