Set up a Cloud API account

CommzGate Cloud SMS provides a set of functions for mobile message sending and receiving.

These easy to use functions are exposed as HTTP-based APIs.


A short guide to get you started with our Cloud API.

1. Get a free Cloud SMS account at

2. You’ll receive your email confirmation and login instructions.

3.Go to Web API for your API ID (

4. Update your API password on your profile page (
Please note that there is no default API password, each user has to configure an initial API password before they can start using the API.

5. To view or export logs of messages sent via API, select View API Usage at

6. Purchase Web API credits with the Buy SMS link in the top right links.


The HTTP request should contain the SMS details as query parameters, such as ID, Password, Mobile, Message, Type, OTP, etc.

A sample HTTP (or HTTPS) request would be as follows,

Full details of options and return codes is available in our Cloud API guide at


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