Introducing Voice OTP, a perfect complement to SMS OTP


Voice OTP (One-Time Password) is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and individuals as an additional security measure on top of OTP delivery via SMS. It offers several advantages compared to other methods of OTP delivery, such as SMS or email. For example, we see this option being offered by Apple for its Apple ID services.

The primary benefit of voice OTP is its convenience. Instead of requiring users to open an app or navigate to a website, the message can be delivered directly to their phone number. This makes it very fast and easy for users to receive their OTPs, even when they are on the go or have limited mobile data or wifi access.  Additionally, the delivery of an OTP via voice is also more secure since it cannot be easily intercepted by hackers in transit like other forms of communication can be. 

Businesses can also use voice OTP to improve customer experience by reducing the risk of failed SMS OTP deliveries (especially in countries where SMS content filtering rules are enforced) and ensuring that users can quickly and easily complete their online transactions. This helps improve customer satisfaction levels and increases sales for any business that relies on online transactions.

We are excited to announce that CommzGate API is now enabled with the option for Voice OTP, including as a secondary channel which can be automatically activated by our AI engine when we detected that SMS delivery of the original OTP is not successful.  Features such as automatic OTP generation and validation are included for the this channel, as well as configurable OTP length and pattern.

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