How to check service status for CloudSMS's direct connection to the Telcos?

For users on our Basic, Power and Pro Plans, the Dashboard page of our Portal has a real-time display of our connectivity status to each of the Singapore Telcos.

If the status shows green, you can expect your SMS MT messages to arrive at the recipient mobile device in 30 seconds or less.

For time-sensitive messages like One-Time Passwords, you can be assured of timely delivery of the SMS message even if the connectivity status shows as congested:

  • If your are using our Cloud API, include the work 'OTP' in your message content, or use the 'OTP=true' parameter in your MT API request.
  • For Web Portal users, using QuickSend to send message to less than 100 recipients automatically prioritises the message to the front of our system queue to bypass any queue congestion.


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