Important notice regarding use of SMS SenderID

With effect 24-Feb-2022, as a Tier-1 SMS aggregator and participant of the SenderID Registry, we are implementing new processes for managing the use of SMS Sender IDs as mandated by IMDA (

Please note the following changes:

1) New registrations for SMS Sender ID (also known as Number Mask or TPOA) will be subjected to checks against a centralised SMS SenderID Registry as mandated by IMDA.

You will have to submit your UEN and related information as part of the registration process. If you are using a third-party solution provider to send SMS messages for your organisation, please register your solution provider with us so that we can whitelist your solution provider as an authorised sender of your SMS Sender ID

2) If you are a third-party solution provider sending SMS on your customer’s behalf, you will need to submit an authorization letter stating that you have been authorised to use your client’s SenderID. You will have to submit both your UEN and your client’s UEN as well as related information as part of the registration process.  

3) If you have a previously registered SenderID with us, our CommzGate service will start rejecting SMS messages sent with a ‘Protected SMS Sender ID’ listed in the SMS SenderID Registry if you are not registered with us as the owner or authorised sender  of the ‘Protected SMS Sender ID’. If your ‘SenderID’ falls within the list of ‘Denied Sender ID’ as listed in the SMS SenderID Registry, the message will also be rejected.

4) If you are registering or have registered with the SMS Sender ID Registry, you will have to authorise ‘Pacific Synergy Pte Ltd’ as your SMS deliverer in your registration.


These changes are necessary to ensure compliance with official directives from IMDA, and we seek your support in helping us to combat SMS-phishing scams together with IMDA and the various participating partners. Please contact us if you need more information regarding the above information.


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