Installation Guide for Windows (XP and higher)

This installation Guide is intended for  COMMZGATE Messaging Server v4 for Windows (2011)

1) Overview & Installation

Download and extract the package to an installation location of your choice   eg. Desktop
The extracted directory contains the following installer. Double-click to start the installation.
An installation wizard will appear upon double-clicking the installer. Proceed through the installation wizard and choose the desired location to install COMMZGATE.
If all goes well, you will see the final success screen.


2) Starting and Stopping

COMMZGATE Server consists of 3 background processes that is automatically started by Windows.



You can manually stop and restart these services by going to:

Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Component Services and click on "Services (Local)"
Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services (on older versions of Windows)


3) Logging to the Web Interface

Upon installation, login to the Web Management interface at

The default login ID and password can be found in the README file in your installation package.
Please change the default password immediately upon login!


4) GSM transceiver modem device

You will require a GSM modem device with a working SIM card to send and receive SMS. 
Devices can be purchased from

Default configured modem port for Windows is COM1

If you are using the USB version of our modem, check the correct COM port number that windows has assigned your modem. This can be done by using "Device Manager" found in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound



In Device Manager, click on Ports to reveal the COM port number that Windows has assigned your USB modem. In this example, COM7 has been assigned by Windows.



Configure the port that your device is correctly configured to by logging to the COMMZGATE Web Management interface and going to: Configure > Preferences



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