New message template categories and pricing for WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp is introducing new changes for businesses, including new message template categories, conversation types, and pricing. 

Starting April 1st 2023, when submitting new message templates, you will need to select a category. Then on June 1st 2023, the new conversation types and associated pricing will go into effect.

Business-initiated conversations will be divided into three different categories: 

  • Marketing (which covers any business-initiated conversations that don’t qualify as Authentication or Utility 
  • Utility (business-initiated conversations related to a transaction such as post-purchase notifications)
  • Authentication (enabling businesses to authenticate users)

User-initiated conversations will now be referred to as Service conversations.

For existing approved message templates, Meta will automatically assign them a new category on April 1st 2023 using their AI technology. If you feel that a re-assignment is incorrect, you have until May 15th 2023 to appeal this decision by contacting your Account Manager.


Conversation windows may change depending on the conversation type. 

For Marketing, Utility and Authentication conversations, conversation windows start when the templated messages are sent and delivered to end users. 

For Service conversations the window starts when there are no other open conversations, if you respond within 24 hours of the customer care request with a free-form message which is delivered to the end user. Once delivered a 24 hour session begins during which one or more messages can be sent without incurring extra fees (provided they match the conversation type). 

Sending an unrelated message type would result in a separate fee being charged for another conversation window starting up again.


Finally, starting June 1st 2023 new pricing plans for Marketing and Utility conversations will take effect - with higher rates for Marketing and lower for Utility in order to reflect their respective values - while Service conversation rates remain unchanged from current user initiated rates but unknown at this time are Authentication conversation rates which differ per country/market. Any applicable free conversation tiers will also now only apply to Service conversations. 


If you are currently using WhatsApp on the CommzGate platform, we will be sending you a pricing addendum to reflect the new price changes. The first reflection of these changes will appear on July 2023  invoices relating to June 2023 traffic.


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