CommzGate Enterprise Health Check APIs for monitoring

CommzGate Enterprise has 2 APIs for monitoring of system status:


1) GetServerHealth

This API returns the following sample JSON data in the response body, which tells you the status of the modems in the system and whether the CommzGate worker process is running:

{"CommzGate Status":{"Worker Process":"Up","Modem Device":{"Active Modems":[{"MODCOM1":"Up","MODCOM2":"Up","MODCOM3":"Up","MODCOM4":"Up","MODCOM7":"Up","MODCOM8":"Up"}],"Inactive Modems":[{"MODCOM5":"Down","MODCOM6":"Down","MODCOM9":"Down","MODCOM10":"Down"}]}}}

2) GetQueueStatus

This API returns the following sample JSON data, which indicates the queue status in the system:

{"Queue Status":{"Portal Queue":"0","API Queue":"1","Scheduler Queue":"0"}}

You can integrate these APIs into your monitoring system or via a custom monitoring script.


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