Restrictions for MT SMS to China

The following restrictions apply when sending MT SMS to China

  • You must register the message content pattern with us.
  • Messages must have a tag that proceeds the message that must be also registered with us. This tag can be 2 to 8 characters in length.
  • If message is of a marketing nature, the following text needs to be appended to the end of the message: "退订请T" (which translates to "To unsubscribe, please return T")
  • Only message encoded as UCS2 is supported.
  • Adult, religious and especially political messages are very likely to be blocked.
  • URL links are not allowed in messages. Messages containing a URL will be blocked.
  • Arabic characters are not supported.
  • 2 messages with the same content cannot be sent to same phone in a day and that a maximum of 10 unique messages can be sent to same number in a day.
  • In addition, the following network-specific restrictions apply:

    China Mobile (46000):  binary content not supported

    China Unicom (46001): WAP push messages not supported

    China Telecom (46003): concatenated SMS not supported



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